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WANNA KICKS Uses AR Technology to Let You Virtually Try On Sneakers

But you still can't feel them
Image via: WANNABY

Image via: WANNABY

AR platform WANNABY has just launched an app called WANNA KICKS that will let you try on sneakers in AR (augmented reality) before purchasing.

The process is really simple, you choose a sneaker in the app and just point your camera at your feet to see how it looks "on-feet." You can even rotate your feet to see different angles. The company is looking to "increase conversions and purchases, reduce product returns and drive vitality plus PR growth, achieving up to 10x more engagement from Gen Z" with this product. However, the downside is you still won't know how the actual fit of the sneaker feels.

You can download the WANNA KICKS app for iOS now and try it for yourself.