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Sundae School Fall/Winter 2019 - Chapter 4

The Korean cannabis enthusiast brand channels "The Green East"
Image via: Sundae School

Image via: Sundae School

Korean cannabis enthusiast and activist brand Sundae School has just dropped its Chapter 4 Fall/Winter 2019 lookbook.

Titled "The Green Rush," the collection is an ode to marijuana legalization that just happened in Seoul, Korea and its general acceptance and legalization in more and more places around the globe. The collection combines Western and Eastern influences like previous chapters. This time around inspiration is drawn from the California Gold Rush and the Japanese colonial rule of Korea which occurred between 1910-1945.

Pieces include oversized Hanbok-style coats with flame embroidery, denim jackets with the same flame detailing, turtle necks with graphics from immigrant journal entries during the Gold Rush and Go Sa-Hong's poems and short stories about the Japanese occupation in Korea, and accessories like a cowboy hat with beads and a vape pen.

You can view the Sundae School Fall/Winter 2019 Chapter 4 lookbook below and visit to purchase the collection in the coming months.