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Rare Sealed 'Super Mario Bros.' Sells for $100,150

Would you pay six figures for a game?
Image via: Wata Games

Image via: Wata Games

Earlier this month, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo Entertainment System sold at auction for $100,150. According to sources like Kotaku, it is the first game to ever sell for six figures.

The three buyers and now co-owners are Jim Halperin (co-founder of Heritage Auctions), Rich Lecce (coin dealer and game collector) and Zac Gieg (video game store owner). What made this version of the game different from the previous title that held the record was a simple sealing of the top flap with a black foil circular sticker that was used during a limited launch of the game during NES' test roll-out.

Would you ever pay six figures for a video game?