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Extra Butter Drops 'Akira'-Inspired Neo-Tokyo Collection

Retro-futuristic vibes for all
Image via: Karin Lienhard/Extra Butter

Image via: Karin Lienhard/Extra Butter

New York retail boutique Extra Butter has just dropped a collection dubbed "Neo-Tokyo," inspired by the 1988 cult classic film Akira.

The collection is set in 2019 during a post-apocalyptic Japan and aims to tie in many themes of the current climate like corrupt politicians, secret military motives and tensions between parties/activists. Design aesthetic is directly inspired by the Katsuhiro Otomo film as pieces pop like the neon signs but also are muted and ominous like the cityscape.

The collection includes a Otomo Waterproof Jacket ($210), a Tetsuo Anorak ($180), a Kaneda Hoodie ($160) and a Kei Cross Crewneck ($140). You can purchase the pieces now on and in-store.

Release Date: Available now