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Nike and Tom Sachs Introduce the NIKECRAFT Transitions Poncho

With an explosive video
Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Tom Sachs and Nike's partnership has always yielded amazing results. In a new video, NIKECRAFT has introduced an explosive Poncho.

Originally, Nike's senior design director for apparel special projects Jarrett Reynolds and others wanted to do a design challenge in transforming apparel. They created countless prototypes and conducted tests before finally arriving at the quick-deploy version of a poncho done after consulting Sachs.

"We used a tear-away zipper for the first incarnation. It allowed for the explosion — the forceful billowing that allowed the wearer to quickly get into the poncho — but it was really difficult to set up," Reynolds says. That's when they shared the project with Sachs. "He was like, ‘We've got to do something with this.’ I was stoked because Tom and his team are problem-solvers, they look at things from a different perspective than we do and that’s what we needed,” Reynolds added.

The final product is part of the NIKECRAFT Transitions collection which includes the Mars Yard Overshoe. Construction materials of the Poncho includes Dyneema fiber, ceramic beads from Sachs' studio, a Fidlock buckle, and a three-layer breathable waterproof material. The key focus of the project and collection is transparency of design and materials used.

You can grab the apparel from the NIKECRAFT Transitions collection on April 27 in Japan at Sachs' "Tea Ceremony" exhibit opening at the Tokyo Opera Gallery. A global release will be announced later. Read the full interview with Sachs on

Release Date: 4/27/19 (Saturday)