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Stone Island PROTOTYPE RESEARCH_SERIES 04 Release Info

The limited edition series returns
Image via: Stone Island

Image via: Stone Island

Stone Island is ready to drop the fourth series in its PROTOTYPE RESEARCH project. SERIES_03 saw the release of pieces which used four polyamide-based canvas fabrics.

For SERIES_04, the brand is dropping a MANUAL FLOCKING ON NYLON METAL GRID-OVD fishtail parka jacket. Like with all products in this series, the procedure is experimental and hasn't been industrialized yet. Stone Island explains the process for making this specific piece below:

"The garment is sprayed with a water-based adhesive and then exposed to the cotton flock. The creation of an electromagnetic field straightens the fibrils, which are attracted by the garment thanks to the uniqueness of this innovative technique. The flocked garment then undergoes an elaborate double dyeing procedure providing highly contrasting colors between the nylon and the cotton flock. The two processes create an unrepeatable effect, different and unique on each garment. The flock will wear off naturally with use, especially on rubbing spots. The addition of a special agent to the dyeing recipe makes the garment anti-drop."

Limited to just 100 pieces, you can purchase the jacket on May 23 via, in the UK and on the Stone Island app in the U.S.