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Image via: FEIT

Image via: FEIT

Recognizing the limitations of mass-produced footwear, Australian brothers Tull and Josh Price founded FEIT in 2004. Each shoe, designed in New York with quality and sustainability in mind, is made from start to finish by a single master craftsman in a process that usually takes two weeks. All pairs are mounted on Italian-made lasts, built with materials sourced from small family-owned tanneries in Italy, Sweden and England.

Over the years, FEIT’s single-minded dedication to product integrity has allowed the brand to grow, even as the production team has remained small, limited to a select group of master craftspeople from across the globe. Their expertise can readily be seen on the FEIT Biotrainer, a product that’s at the forefront of the brand’s goal to deliver optimal quality while also reducing environmental waste.


Unlike the majority of modern sneakers, which uses synthetic rubber and polyester, the Biotrainer utilizes all-natural materials, highlighted by a one-piece upper constructed from vegetable-tanned cowhide – specifically, semi-cordovan leather that’s typically used on the finest dress shoes. Underfoot, the outsole is made with 100% natural latex, manufactured in partnership with Lactae Hevea, a company that exclusively uses the milk of the Hevea Brasiliensis, a rubber tree that’s native to Brazil. Additional components include a cork footbed and a bamboo shank stabilizer, the latter added to a midsole featuring handsewn Goodyear construction, allowing the shoe to be resoled as needed.


The Biotrainer from FEIT’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is available now at For shoppers looking for a more low-profile and minimalist silhouette, the Latex Low features the same semi-cordovan upper and natural latex outsole.

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