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Uber Copter Officially Arrives in NYC in July

Taking you from JFK to Manhattan in 8 minutes
Image via: Uber

Image via: Uber

For those who aren't afraid of shelling out hundreds of dollars for the convenience of avoiding New York City's subways and car traffic going from JFK airport to Manhattan, Uber is offering a helicopter service starting July 9.

Uber Copter, a division of Uber Elevate, will fly passengers to and from JFK into lower Manhattan with private ground transport on both ends. A one-way flight will cost between $200-$225 per person and will take eight minutes. Initially, the service will only be available to Uber Platinum and Uber Diamond members of Uber's Rewards program.

Riders can request a flight up to five days in advance for a party of five or less. The flights themselves will be priced based on demand and run from Monday through Friday during afternoon rush hours. Uber Copter will use the helipad near Terminal 8 at JFK and the helipad near the Staten Island Ferry in Manhattan.

For more details, head over to The New York Times.