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361° Releases 'Gundam'-Themed Sneakers & Apparel

For the hardcore fans
Image via: 361°

Image via: 361°

Chinese sportswear supplier 361° has created Gundam-themed sneakers and apparel for fans of the franchise.

Using the Gundam RX-78-2 and Zaku II MS-06S as the guidelines, six sneakers (three representing each) were created. Red, blue, white and yellow cover the Gundam-inspired pairs while red, purple and olive dominate the Zaku II pairs.

Prices range from ¥329.00-¥399.00 CNY (~$48 USD-$58 USD). The shirts range from ¥79-¥109 CNY (~$12-$16 USD) while pants are available for ¥169 CNY (~$25 USD). You can purchase the entire selection on