WOOYOUNGMI Spring/Summer 2020

Inspired by City Pop
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Image via: Filippo Fior/gorunway.com

Image via: Filippo Fior/gorunway.com

After showing the attitude of kids in Korea for its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, Katie Chung and WOOYOUNGMI return for Spring/Summer 2020 with City Pop inspiration.

The revival of the movement from the '70s and '80s inspires the Hawaiian prints and shirts as well as the sunsets and tye-dye. "PARADISE" messaging is on display throughout the accessory range of sling bags and bright popsicle patterns and colors further the looks while luggage tags round out the outfits.

"City Pop took off in Japan in the seventies and eighties, when the economy was booming. Kids looked to American lifestyles in Miami, LA and Hawaii, and wanted some of it. They invented this whole jazz-electronic New Wave fusion of their own, with a beach-in-the-city look," says Chung.

Check out the full runway collection below.