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adidas Basketball and Marvel Team up to Launch Donovan Mitchell's First Signature Shoe

Presenting the D.O.N. Issue #1
Image via: adidas Basketball

Image via: adidas Basketball

adidas Basketball has teamed up with Marvel for Utah Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell's first signature sneaker, the D.O.N. Issue #1.

The acronym stands for Determination Over Negativity and the first pack will celebrate Mitchell's journey to the NBA like a superhero, his Spider-Man nickname and overcoming challenges. In addition to an Amazing Spider-Man colorway of red, white and blue, there will also be a Symbiote Spider-Man colorway of pink, black and white, a Stealth Spider-Man colorway of black and glow-in-the-dark green and finally an Iron Spider colorway of red and metallic gold.

Construction on the silhouette focused on the side propulsion clip for lateral support and a wider outsole that allows for stability while BOUNCE and a wavy tread pattern provide the comfort. Additional details include spider-web stitching on the toe box and tongue, and (“80/A:DR [WBR] NH”) for Brewster Academy in New Hampshire and (“1.AP.LV:KY”) for the University of Louisville, stops on Mitchell's journey to the NBA.

“Determination Over Negativity is a belief that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from. I wanted this sneaker to be a symbol of that – for the kid who believes they can do anything,” says the NBA superstar.

You can pick up the first sneaker starting on July 5 via for $100.

Release Dates:
7/5/19 (Friday) - Amazing Spider-Man colorway
7/18/19 (Thursday) - Symbiote Spider-Man colorway 
8/1/19 (Thursday) - Stealth Spider-Man colorway
8/31/19 (Saturday) - Iron Spider colorway