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HAMCUS Spring/Summer 2020

Post-apocalyptic garments never looked so good
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Image via: HAMCUS

Image via: HAMCUS

Chinese label HAMCUS continues to bring post-apocalyptic garments into the limelight with its Sping/Summer 2020 "SOLØ" collection. The label continues telling its story with their Cosmos Character Style System and futuristic PRMTVSM branch.

Channeling a plethora of vests, oversized pants and space boots, the collection sees a heavy usage of draping tops, large bucket hats styled like those worn by Raiden in Mortal Kombat, and plenty of straps and hoods made to look like space gear. A variety of Earth tones are combined with more vibrant colors like yellow and orange for added color.

Check out the full lookbook below and look for items to hit in the coming months.