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Image via: PANGAIA

Image via: PANGAIA

Debuting at ComplexCon in November 2018, PANGAIA introduced a collection of wardrobe basics intended to shake up the $3 trillion fashion industry that’s long wreaked havoc on the global environment. (The apparel business is the second largest polluter in the world, right after the oil industry.) The brand leverages materials science and bio-engineering to reduce waste, utilizing natural materials, recycled cotton and fabric alternatives to reduce waste.


Current offerings include a pullover hoodie, cotton track pants and a T-shirt. The latter, made with a blend of GOTS certified organic cotton and seaweed fiber (which uses less water than traditional cotton), is treated with peppermint oil to keep the garment fresh for up to ten wears without washing, reducing water waste by up to 3,000 liters over its lifetime. In the fall, look for PANGAIA to introduce an alternative to goose/duck down made from dried wild flowers, a proprietary material ten years in the making.


Aside from the actual clothes, PANGAIA has established a philanthropy platform that funnels 1 percent of all sales to 5 Gyres, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against plastic pollution. The brand also commissioned artist Raku Inoue to create a T-shirt collection featuring prints of endangered animals. Proceeds will support global animal conservation through the efforts of Lion's Share.


Finally, every PANGAIA product comes in TIPA packaging, a bio-based plastic alternative that will completely biodegrade in 24 weeks.

With prices ranging from $85 - $150, the collection is available now at

Instagram: @thepangaia