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Nike "Moon Shoe" Becomes World's Most Expensive Sneakers Sold at Auction with $437,500 USD Price Tag

Sold by Sotheby's
Image via: Sotheby's

Image via: Sotheby's

Sotheby's and Stadium Goods co-hosted an auction with 100 pairs of the rarest sneakers on the planet last week and after 99 pairs of them sold for $850,000 USD, the same buyer, Miles Nadal, purchased the final pair, an ultra rare Nike "Moon Shoe" for $437,500 USD.

The Canadian investment firm founder and entrepreneur set the world record for most expensive pair of sneakers ever purchased at auction with the bid. An original 1972 prototype of the Nike Waffle, the "Moon Shoe" was designed by Bill Bowerman for runners at the '72 Olympic trials and the purchased pair is only one of 12 ever made and the only one known to exist in unworn condition. Collector Jordan Michael Geller of Shoezeum provided the sneakers.

The starting bid for the sneakers was $80,000 and it was expected to fetch between the range of $110,000 and $160,000 but ended up blowing those numbers out of the water. Previously, the record for most expensive sneakers sold at auction belonged to a pair of $190,373 USD Converse sneakers signed by Michael Jordan and worn in the 1984 Olympic men's basketball final. Nadal plans to exhibit the sneakers at his private Dare to Dream Automobile Museum in Toronto.