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Instant Noodle Experts Nissin Release Nutritious "All-in Noodles"

It's supposed to take care of all your nutrient needs for any meal
Image via: Nissin

Image via: Nissin

Instant (cup) noodle makers Nissin have just released All-in Noodles which they claim will take care of all your body's vitamin, mineral and protein needs for any meal of the day.

In order to pack all these nutrients into the noodle, the core of the noodles contain 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals, protein and dietary fiber coated with standard noodle starch. By eliminating a completely thick and starch-filled noodle, Nissin says they've preserved the texture and flavor but have also eliminated 40% of carbohydrates compared with regular ramen.

The noodles come in four flavors: plain, Abura Ramen, Tom Yum and Tantan. Abura Ramen is a spicy rayu oil, chashu pork and green onions flavor while Tom Yum is inspired by the classic Thai seasoning featuring lemongrass, coconut milk and cilantro. Finally the Tantan flavor features Szechuan pepper. Four minutes are required to cook the plain flavored ones while the brothless flavored ones take six minutes to fully cook.

An individual pack of the plain noodles will cost ¥400 JPY (~$3.70 USD) while the flavored versions cost ¥600 JPY (~$5.70 USD). 10% discounts are offered for half-dozen flavored orders and 20% off is being applied to 30-packs of plain noodles. You can buy them now on Lohaco with an August 19 release set for the All-in Noodles website. In related food news, Coca-Cola Japan released a Clear Lime flavor back in June.

Release Date: 8/19/19 (Monday)