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Image via: Everybody.World

Image via: Everybody.World

Everybody.World was founded in 2016 by Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, two American Apparel alums who know the ins and outs of manufacturing and the value of respecting workers, customers and the ecosystem they both inhabit. They know we live in a world in which people care about how and where their clothes are made, and that ethics and responsibility are just as important as style, comfort and fit.


Based in Los Angeles, Everybody.World makes high-quality cotton essentials for, well, everybody. The brand’s flagship product is the Trash Tee, made entirely of 100% recycled cotton so that it’s plastic-free and completely biodegradable, making it the first of its kind in the world. The material is sourced from the waste fibers produced by a cotton yarn factory that would otherwise be swept up, packaged in bales and disposed. Instead, the fibers are reprocessed, cleaned and knitted into jersey, with the resulting fabric cut, sewn and dyed in small ethical factories in South L.A. Available in a variety of colors, the tee comes in four styles: Classic, Boxy, Pocket and Long Sleeve.


In keeping with the brand’s inclusive ethos, the Contributor Collection features pieces conceived by “everyday extraordinary” people, who collect 10% of the sales of their respective designs. Those nascent creatives include Prakash, a 77-year-old chess enthusiast who plays the game every day at MacArthur Park, and 15-year-old Paloma, who’s a student, dancer and illustrator.


In the future, look for Everybody.World to launch their 100% Recycled Cotton Fleece program. Currently, the offerings are limited to a pullover hoodie, manufactured in Los Angeles and built with the world’s first every completely recycled and biodegradable cotton fleece.


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