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BAPE Readies City Tees for Four Fashion Capitals

Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles
Image via: BAPE

Image via: BAPE

This weekend, BAPE will celebrate four fashion capitals of the world with T-shirts featuring city-specific graphics.

New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and hometown Tokyo will be releasing exclusive tees in both white and black featuring iconic imagery from each location. One design features the Ape Head logo on the back with the respective city's name in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Tokyo's designs honor the original ABC CAMO and logo with the other two designs. New York's logo is done in purple along with a Statue of Liberty design and Baby Milo takeover of the Empire State Building. LA's yellow logo is complemented with a Baby Milo low rider design and fun argyle print. Finally, Hong Kong's blue logo features an Ape Head with the city skyline outlined around it and a Baby Milo sleeping on the skyline as well.

All the tees will be city exclusive and release on January 11 for ¥8,000 JPY (~$74 USD). The brand celebrated the 20th anniversary of the BAPE STA last weekend. 

Release Date: 1/11/20 (Saturday)