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BAPE Taipei 13th Anniversary Collection Release Info

Featuring the iconic Jiufen lanterns
Image via: BAPE

Image via: BAPE

BAPE Taipei is celebrating its 13th anniversary in style this weekend with a vibrant purple collection.

The collection takes the ABC CAMO print in purple and white and combines elements unique to the country on pieces that include a tees, Shark hoodie and shorts. A Shark Hoodie T-shirt design is coupled with an Ape Head tee that features imagery of Taiwan's famous Jiufen (九份) area and its lanterns. The Shark Hoodie itself features "886" on the chest, Taiwan's country code as well as "TPE" on the hood where "WGM" would usually be.

Check out the looks, shot in Jiufen, below. Head over to BAPE Taipei on January 11 to purchase the pieces. On the same day, BAPE will release its City Tees

Release Date: 1/11/20 (Saturday)