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UNDERCOVER Fall/Winter 2020

Inspired by another film
Image via: Filippo Fior/

Image via: Filippo Fior/

Jun Takahashi took over the runway at Paris Fashion Week earlier this week and presented UNDERCOVER's Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

Like his recent works, this collection was also inspired by a film, Throne of Blood. The 1957 movie by Akira Kurosawa is based off the Shakespearean play Macbeth but takes place in feudal Japan.

You can immediately see the references to feudal Japan on pieces that featured images from the movie but also in the distinct kimono-like robes with rope laces, samurai-inspired attire and the traditional sandals with a modern-day twist.

Check out the runway below and take a look at Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2020 show as well.