ANGUS CHIANG Fall/Winter 2020

Inspired by modern technology
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Image via: Luca Tombolini

Image via: Luca Tombolini

Established in 2015, Taiwanese brand ANGUS CHIANG is the namesake label of its designer who channels the different cultures he's experienced in Taiwan and reading into the products he creates.

For Fall/Winter 2020, the designer created the entire collection around modern technology and the idea that it can both help and hurt us. His website gives us a great rundown of the current state of society due to social media and smartphones:

"Digitalization is about bilateral communication and, once becoming part of our life, might lead us to self-exploration, loss or self-abandonment. In modern days, we’re categorized by Hashtag with infinite access to information, to the extent that we all become extremely dramatic. We are obsessed with fragmented reading, turning ourselves into information. When your information gets tons of views and likes through sending, clicking and sharing, you will rise to fame. The untouchable yet visible virtual world is highly addictive, overwhelming you with joy both online and in real life.

With the rapid development of We Media, real currency or face-to-face communication is no longer needed in life. Nor is obsolete electronic media. Among all the new forms of existence, only the best will survive. In the time of survival of the fittest, are you still yourself?"

In order to bring the collection to life, Chiang partnered with HTC for VR and AR pieces throughout. He uses SD cards to trigger memories of the past and temporary things that can be deleted with the HTC VIVE. The AngusReality APP design allows AR to reveal 2D and 3D moments from the show and make the collection come to life.

You can see the influence of technology throughout the show from the models wearing green screen-like suits of all colors and carrying accessories like an old flip phone to digital displays. Check out the runway below and head over to to learn more. The website itself is also a digital playground waiting to be explored.