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ROTOL Spring/Summer 2020 Lookbook

Heavy on the camo and hooded masks
Image via: Yuto Kudo (@youtojah)/ROTOL

Image via: Yuto Kudo (@youtojah)/ROTOL

Founded in 2016, Japanese label ROTOL started off focused on clean cut silhouettes for daily wear. Over time, the brand has transitioned into more detailed and military-inspired looks.

For Spring/Summer 2020, the theme of camo and urban streetwear takes over completely. Everything from utility vests to full hooded masks are paired with oversized collared shirts, trousers and pocket-heavy coats and parkas. Plenty of blue hues are paired with yellow, olive and beige for outfits that really pop.

Check out the looks below and head over to to see previous collections. If you're into more artistic clothing, check out bal's Spring/Summer 2020 collection which features a collaboration with José Parlá.