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Stone Island Drops Big Loom Camo for Spring/Summer 2020

The third and final camo pattern for the season
Image via: Stone Island

Image via: Stone Island

Following the release of its Camo Dévoré and Desert Camo collections for Spring/Summer 2020, Stone Island has just dropped the third and final Big Loom Camo collection.

This collection gets its naming from the "Big Looms" - capable of creating complex and oversized jacquard designs - used to craft the selection of tops, bottoms and accessories. A double dye bath procedure was used to achieve the blue, white and grey composition on the jackets, hoodie, crewneck, tee, pants, shorts and caps.

Prices for the collection range from $163 for a cap to $1,180 for the TC jacket. You can purchase your favorites now via Recently, END. partnered with Stone Island on a two-piece exclusive collection celebrating their 15th anniversary.