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Nike Offically Debuts KD13

Featuring double-stacked Zoom forefoot
Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Nike has officially unveiled Kevin Durant's thirteenth signature sneaker, the KD13.

To improve movement off the ball of the foot, which in turn drives basketball moves, fakes, etc., the latest model features a double-stacked Zoom forefoot. Ross Klein, the Senior Creative Director for Nike Basketball explains what this technology means:

"The intent behind a Zoom Bag is similar to that of a mechanical spring underfoot. The essence of a spring is to return the amount of energy you put into it. In the KD13, we're doubling the spring in the form of a double-stacked forefoot Zoom, allowing you more travel in the system and more energy back."

The KD13 will arrive in a black/white launch colorway on April 6 while a "Hype" colorway arrives on April 10 and a "Chill" colorway sees a release at the end of the month on April 24. The sneaker will retail for $160.

Release Dates:
4/6/20 (Monday) - Launch color
4/10/20 (Friday) - "Hype"
4/24/20 (Friday) - "Chill"