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A Closer Look at New Balance's Masks for Healthcare Professionals

A sneaker factory converted to help combat COVID-19
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Image via: New Balance

Image via: New Balance

New Balance converted its Lawrence, Massachusetts sneaker factory into a protective mask facility to combat COVID-19. Today we get a closer look at the masks.

Using their existing supply chain, New Balance was able to take the materials they had on-hand and shift to making masks. Fit and filtration ability were the key points of focus since they would be going to healthcare professionals on the frontline.


The brand consulted with healthcare professionals and hospitals before finalizing the design. Five layers of polyurethane foam is combined with non-woven meltblown fabric and finished with nylon and polyester layers melted together with heat. Everything comes together with laces as straps, giving the masks a true look of a sneaker and the brand's DNA.

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