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Alien Evolution Studio (AES) Spring/Summer 2020 Lookbook

Image via: Alien Evolution Studio (AES)

Image via: Alien Evolution Studio (AES)

Taiwanese label Alien Evolution Studio (AES) was founded in 2008 as the passion project of owner Alien Huang. A cross between part design studio, part exhibition space and part merchandising store front, the clothing label was born with all of these in mind, as well as Huang's love for toys.

With a brand philosophy of Deconstruct to Reconstruct, Alien Evolution Studio's Spring/Summer 2020 collection is called "MEMORIES" and reflects on how as humans, we're our own biggest enemies - with our own selfishness leading to climate change and environmental disasters. A dove is incorporated into the new collection as a symbol of hope and faith, that mankind can save itself. Oversized shirts and pants are coupled with cargo shorts and vests for a relaxed fit that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

Check out the collection below and head over to to learn more. In related fashion news, take a look at CAYL's Spring/Summer 2020 lookbook.