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RWB and REC Watches Crafts One-Of-A-Kind Timepieces

With parts from the 930 Stella and 993 Rotana
Image via: REC Watches

Image via: REC Watches

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, known simply to most as RWB, is one of the most famous Porsche tuners in the world, if not the most. Based out of Japan and run by Akira Nakai, or simply Nakai-san to enthusiasts and fans in the tuning community, the brand has built a loyal following for its extreme wide body-kits, oversized wings and aggressive styling and stance. With each car hand modified by Nakai-san himself, the wait list is not only expensive but hard to get on.

Enter REC Watches, would've spent the last two years re-purposing actual parts from RWB cars into timepieces. The brand has launched the pre-order for 901 RWB Stella and 901 RWB Rotana watches. Nakai-san's 1985 Porsche 930 "Stella Artois," named after his favorite beer, sparked the birth of his brand while the 1995 Porsche 993 "Rotana" was his first-ever turbo car and one of the biggest wings he's ever built.

REC Watches has managed to incorporate metal from the actual cars into the watches. The watch dials feature raw material from the actual cars while the wide body-kits are infused into the overall size of the watches. Color blocking on each timepiece also reflects the original paint choices of their car counterparts and the back of the case pays homage to the rims of each vehicle. On the Stella, the sub-dial is meant to echo the foot plates while the Rotana features a "RWB" logo on the case that mimics the window print on the car and a month/week indicator made to resemble oil temperature and pressure gauges.

A limited run of 305 units for each watch will be made. Fans can pick their own serial numbers as well. Each timepiece will retail for $1,795 USD and is expected to ship in early July. Head over to now to purchase the 901 RWB Stella or 901 RWB Rotana for yourself now. In related watch news, Casio G-SHOCK has unveiled a new watch for its Full Metal Series.