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Common Ace Is an E-Commerce Platform Dedicated to Accessibility for Female Sneaker Heads

The brainchild of Sophia Chang and Romy Samuel
Image via: Common Ace, Romy Samuel (Left) and Sophia Chang (Right)

Image via: Common Ace, Romy Samuel (Left) and Sophia Chang (Right)

More and more females are getting into the sneaker game and Common Ace founders Sophia Chang (art, design, streetwear leader) and Romy Samuel (avid sneaker collector and top sneaker retailer employee) know this better than anyone.

Creating a brand new e-commerce platform dedicated to simpler shopping for the ladies, the one-stop shop is looking to provide variety, accessibility, equality and inclusiveness. Whether you're a female who's located outside of a major city or someone who just can't find what you want online, the site is meant to be a tool for you. Everything from accessories to footwear to tops and bottoms, Common Ace provides the full fit finds.

Both Chang and Samuel took some time to answer a few of our questions below:

What makes this marketplace different from other female-focused websites?

Sophia: Common Ace is really serving the main issue that’s been plaguing this scene: accessibility.

While there are amazing outlets available for content, community and elements of commerce - they’re all facets of Common Ace. We want to get straight to the point, put our money where our mouth is and create a platform that’s ultimately serving the female sneaker head community. Access, availability, and ease of shopping. Trendy websites have poor UI/UX, higher-end experiences don’t have the best curation. We’re to solve those issues.

Romy and myself have been in many conversations public and private about the changes that we need. And we’re here to lean on the power of our community to create a one-stop shop, one center hub for the community. We aim to lead with inclusivity and diversity. The female consumer comes in different shapes and styles, all backgrounds, and regions of the world. We want to show that on our platform (seen on our social channels) and empower them by offering them a full playground of options within our commerce department so they can browse, shop, create wishlists based on their desires. The pendulum in the sneaker space is swinging and we are here to meet the demand.

Favorite pairs that got you started in the game?

Sophia: Nike Air Force 1 Low Top White have always been a New York staple that resonated with my teenage years! Before then it was the adidas Superstars, you know the GAP Logo Fleece Hoodie was a popular fit.

Romy: Probably Dunks but I was obsessed with kicks since I was 5 or 6! adidas Top Tens - I even have a Stan Smith adidas sneaker tattooed on my forearm!

How come females get more fire colorways than males nowadays?!

Romy: If we love a shoe (or anything for that matter) we will buy it in multiple color ways! I’m a total victim of that habit.

Sophia: I second that, I’ve definitely made multiple color-way choices with an intention to return whatever I don’t keep (and of course I don’t end up returning it - Ha!) I think women get more color ways than men because brands are seeing the strength behind the female consumer. They’re hearing our demands, our purchasing dollar speaks volumes and brands are actively investing in this market! Our time is now - and we’re ready to do the work to make sure Common Ace is a leading platform for sneaker fanatics!

According to statistics, the U.S. accounts for 40% of sneaker sales worldwide and women make up over 40% of those sales. The sneaker industry is projected to be a $95.14 billion industry by 2025. We look forward to great things from Common Ace. You can check them out now via