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Donut Robotics Creates First Smart Face Mask That Connects to Your Phone

Introducing the "c-mask"
Image via: Donut Robotics

Image via: Donut Robotics

With COVID-19 still impacting our daily lives, Japanese tech company Donut Robotics has taken the initiative to create the first smart face mask which connects to your phone.

Called the "c-mask," it is fitted to be worn over your standard face mask and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Doing so allows the mask to not only make calls and transcribe your speech into text messages but also to amplify your voice so it can be heard over the covering and also to translate Japanese into eight other languages.

The "c" portion of the naming is derived from five "c" words in the mask's functionality says the company. Clear voice, clean material, cool design, connect with smartphone and combat Coronavirus.

According to The Japan Times, the first 5,000 will be for Japanese buyers and shipping will start in September. Donut Robotics has listed the c-mask at ¥3,980 JPY which is about $37 USD. There will be a monthly fee for the translation and speech transcription services. Donut Robotics plans to open pre-orders on July 9 via You can take a look at the company's promotional video here.