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Need Supply Co. Will Close Permanently Due to COVID-19

Along with its sister brand Totokaelo
Image via: Joe Mahoney/Times-Dispatch

Image via: Joe Mahoney/Times-Dispatch

Need Supply Co. started off in the fashion scene in 1996 as a Richmond, Virginia-based denim store and transformed themselves into a high-end boutique and e-retailer in 2008 and has spent the last decade growing the culture worldwide. It is sad to report that they will now permanently close due to COVID-19.

In a statement yesterday from Corey Simpson Booker, a lawyer at Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP, the firm which represents Need Supply Co. and its parent company NSTO, she announced Need Supply Co. is closing for good.

"Need Supply Co. has made the difficult decision to wind down its business and will be ceasing operations."

Additionally, NSTO sister brand Totokaelo will also be closing. There is no timeline for this closure and neither Need Supply Co. or Totokaelo have made official announcements but this is one of the first major brands/boutiques/retailers to shutter for good due to the ongoing global pandemic, sadly it may not be the last. Need Supply Co. was one of our essential top 10 places online for menswear and they will be missed.