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UCL Introduces STiCH, World's First AI Fashion Robo-designer

Is this the future of fashion?
Image via: UCL

Image via: UCL

Toronto-based start-up company urbancoolab (UCL), has launched the world's first AI fashion robo-designer.

Officially named STiCH, the AI will collaborate with musicians, artists and other content creators for exclusive merch. According to the company's press release:

"Users will provide artistic input in the form of artistic renders, logos, symbols, photo imagery and slogan typography, prompting STiCH to study, learn and characterize each member's personal design ethos. The program will collect and synthesize thousands of images, logos, lyrics, and wave-forms gathered from the web to then use engineered empathy and semantic analysis to reinterpret the inspiration. STiCH will then contextualize that design inspiration to form distinct graphics in which to build streetwear collections around."

UCL has already employed STiCH to create the world's first AI-generated streetwear brand, Fear of What. The designs and creative ideologies behind Fear of What lie within false perceptions of fear and breaking through them. Using the above mentioned strategy, STiCH crafted the first collection which features a "muse who bears close ties to the 19th century post-impressionist art movement. Eerie images of Vincent van Gogh can be seen strewn across a range of piece..."

CEO and Creative Chief Idris Mootee had this to say:

"If a few designers can influence legions of creatives the world over, imagine what 100 of them can lead to? Or 1,000? Or 10,000? Our mission is to discover the next graduating class of streetwear maestros, who will then open the doors for the future creators to walk through."

We're interested to see where AI fashion designs and collections can go, especially during these times of social distancing and changing global marketplaces and retail environments. Take a look at the Fear of What lookbook below and head over to to learn more. You can purchase pieces now via