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Nike Air Ship Pro Release Info

The original "Banned" Jordan sneaker is getting a retro
Image via: Back Door Bottega

Image via: Back Door Bottega

While it's the story of lure the way Michael Jordan paid $5,000 in fines every time he wore the "Bred" colorway of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, the original "Banned" sneakers were the Nike Air Ship prototype from 1984.

Crafted in the same black and red colorway scheme, MJ received a note from the league saying that they didn't meet the dress code at the time. You have to remember this is the '80s, before the league had progressive "tunnel fits" and allowed players to change sneakers in-game and so on.


36 years later, we all know the impact Jordan had on the game, the league, youth culture, Black culture, and especially sneaker culture. So it's with welcome arms that we announce Back Door Bottega, an Italian boutique, will be bringing back these gems. On August 7, the Air Ship Pro finally returns.

Unfortunately for everyone not in Europe, these will only be shipped throughout the continent. Back Door Bottega has already started the raffle process. Be ready to pay €200 EUR (~$235 USD) if you win. Good luck to everyone trying to get these, we can only pray they release globally.

Release Date: 8/7/20 (Friday)