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UCL's STiCH Pays Homage to Basquiat with AI Paintings of Cultural Icons

Ten pieces that include Jay-Z, Michelle Obama and more done in the artist's iconic style
Image via: UCL

Image via: UCL

At the end of last month, urbancoolab (UCL) officially launched their AI fashion designer STiCH and its inaugural collection.

Now, STiCH has created 10 pieces of art for a collection that celebrates the artistic vision of the late Jean-Michael Basquiat. Reviving the iconic style of the painter, STiCH's exhibition features works it has created after spending three months combing through information about Basquiat. The pieces themselves are digitally synthesized through harmonization algorithms on LCD. Popular cultural icons like Jay-Z, Michelle Obama, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Method Man are some of the featured works.

UCL founder Idris Mootee had this to say about the project:

"Our team met the challenge to see how an AI machine with no emotion can learn to express itself with gestural abstraction while remaining to be visually intuitive. We’re focusing on Basquiat as he is an artist whose work still continues to inspire others, and his message continues to be relevant in today’s world. There would be nothing more incredible than to have Basquiat’s work continue. His conceptual and aesthetic appeal will always remain strong because of the inherent emotional depth and power it communicates for its audiences."

In the coming weeks, UCL will officially launch the capsule collection with merch like hoodies, crew neck sweaters, totes and skate decks. For now, check out the virtual exhibition online