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Travis Scott and McDonald's Roll Out Collaboration

Cactus Jack for Mickey D's
Image via: McDonald's/Travis Scott

Image via: McDonald's/Travis Scott

Travis Scott and McDonald's officially rolled out their collaborative menu item today.

The "Travis Scott Meal" features a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, lettuce and bacon alongside a Sprite and medium fries with BBQ sauce all for $6. Both Laflame and Mickey D's made the official announcement last week via their Twitter handles respectively.

In addition to the meal, merch will also be released at a later date along with a Travis Scott action figure toy. McDonald's had a Super Bowl campaign earlier this year that played with the idea of serving up famous people's orders and there may be more in the works after this.


For now, you can order the Travis Scott Meal from the McDonald's app on mobile or head to a local store to pick it up. The partnership runs through October 4.