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Vans Celebrates MoMA's Collection with Sneakers as Canvas

Featuring works from artists like Dalí, Pollock, Monet and more
Image via: Vans

Image via: Vans

Vans announced their new collaborative partnership with MoMA earlier this week.

Celebrating the museum's extensive collection of works by renowned artists, the footwear collection by Vans will use sneakers as a canvas for famous artwork. The initial launch at the end of the month will celebrate artists Salvador Dalí, Vasily Kandinsky and Claude Monet.

Dalí's The Persistence of. Memory 1931 covers the panels of the Old Skool Twist while Kandinsky's Orange 1923 gets celebrated on the Classic Slip-On. Rounding out the trio, the Authentic celebrates Monet's iconic Water Lilies 1914-1926. In addition to footwear, there will be matching apparel and accessories. 10 other pieces of MoMA branded footwear, apparel and accessories will also be launched alongside the artist capsules.

The first launch will occur on September 30 via, Vans stores,, and the Nordstrom NYC flagship. Adult and kids sizing will be available. Additional collections will launch later this year, stay up to date via This time last year, Vans and MoMA came together for an Era drop.

Release Date: 9/30/20 (Wednesday)