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Wednesday Briefing: TNF Purple Label Spring/Summer 2021, Gucci x Doraemon, BAPE HOME, BAPE x DC and more

News recap from December 22 to December 29

As we head into 2021, we take a look at upcoming collaborations as well as new lookbooks and offerings from some of our favorite brands. Although there's a handful of COVID-19 vaccines being distributed now, we're still a longshot away from a "return to normalcy." Through next year, we'll continue to monitor how the fashion industry changes to adapt and keep you informed on the latest and greatest. Here's to a happy new year, thank you Freshness readers!

BAPE opens new store on Madison Avenue in New York

On December 27, BAPE opened the doors to their new location in New York City. Sitting on Madison Ave. between 59 and 60th streets, the new store is far removed from the usual SoHo crowd and single store that has supplied the streets of NYC since 2004. Expanding their consumer base and their brand, the Madison Ave. location is offering exclusive opening items from its DC collaboration, which you can read more about below. The exclusives here feature the Ape Head with a Statue of Liberty design. These items drop January 2 and will only be available at BAPE CLUSIVE Aoyama, BAPE DSMG, BAPE CDG Osaka and online.

Release Date: 1/2/21 (Saturday)

650 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022

BAPE x DC collaboration

BAPE and DC reunite for a lineup of Batman and Superman items that feature black and red CAMO respectively. In addition to graphic sweaters, hoodies and tees, BAPE STA Low silhouettes have also been created for both of the famed heroes. Black, grey and yellow patent leather covers the Batman shoe while red, blue and yellow patent leather pay homage to Superman. This collection will release on January 2. The pair also crafted a collection together last year.

Release Date: 1/2/2021 (Saturday)

BAPE x MEDICOM TOY Maneki Neko & Daruma BE@RBRICK release info

To celebrate the new year, BAPE and MEDICOM TOY have teamed up to create a Maneki Neko and Daruma duo BE@RBRICK set. Known as lucky charms in Japan and now around the world, the white lucky cat and red doll are considered to bring happiness, good luck, business prosperity, riches and vitality. The 2-pack is offered in 100%, 400% and 1000% sizes and the lottery has already taken place but you can still check them out below.

Release Date: 1/1/2021 (Friday)

BAPE launches HOME brand amidst COVID-19

With most of us sheltered at home for nearly an entire year now, and work from home becoming the norm, BAPE has decided to launch BAPE HOME, which includes their lineup of home goods and furniture for the true fans. Centered around tables, chairs, stools, rugs and other items you use daily around the house, the collection comes in the familiar ABC CAMO and in green, blue and pink mostly. Take a look below and head over to to purchase now.

Gucci celebrates Doraemon's 50th anniversary with huge capsule collection

In a capsule collaboration out of left field, Gucci has teamed up with Fujiko Fujio to celebrate Doraemon's 50th anniversary. The lovable blue manga and anime character adorns everything from accessories like scarves to footwear and full apparel pieces. He also makes plenty of expressions on bags and even denim. You can find Gucci's iconic print on almost every piece but there are some floral offerings as well. Shop the collection now on


The North Face Purple Label Spring/Summer 2021 lookbook

Gearing up for Spring/Summer 2021, The North Face Purple Label has recently dropped their lookbook. Filled with loose fitting essentials that we've come to expect from the brand, they've taken an interest in various shades of green for the upcoming collection. Whether it's shorts, accessories, outerwear or shirts, you'll find plenty of green, blue and orange to brighten up your wardrobe. 

UNDERCOVER celebrates 30th anniversary with leather sleeve down jackets edited by five major Japanese labels

Jun Takahashi's UNDERCOVER label is continuing its 30th anniversary celebration with a capsule collection featuring a leather sleeve down jacket edited by five of his Japanese contemporaries. Tapping into their own versions of the jacket are fragment design, kolor, sacai, N.HOOLYWOOD and TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist. This collection will see the light of day via a raffle on UNDERCOVER's website on January 5 with winner's being announced and contacted on January 8.

Release Date: 1/8/21 (Friday)