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Freshness explores the landscape of a boundless culture with no definite origins or home. The site is the face of a global community concerned with the acquisition of goods, for reasons both known and covert, in a studied and tactful manner. Our world has taken to product design and brand marketing as the new frontier in compelling others to think differently, create distinctively and communicate effectively.

As a sturdy platform, providing the culture with a launch site for its explorations of all things highly stylized and purposeful, both within the sub-culture community and beyond, Freshness is perpetually seeking more from our community and its creative leaders. Our interviews and text offer the user a more transcendent broadcast. We seek to publish that which arrives on the scene and complicates the grid. Our mission is to bring our users, whether they be part of our daily, loyal audience or first time visitors, information not previously known concerning their specified area of interest. Even to spark interest in the reader where there had previously been none.

However, it is not just exclusive current events that Freshness is after but a fairly unique vantage point, spanning the oceans and continents, from New York to Tokyo and in between. We ascertain a very specific type of speech and thought from our topics that is not easily found elsewhere. Our distinct advantage is our earnest passion for new types of knowledge, whether it is sub-culture related or not. To extract and highlight the sophisticated nature of our international community as it extends from city curbs to the suburbs.


Freshness is a Freshness Creative Corp. company

Co-Founder / Editor in Chief
Dan Hwang

Co-Founder / Publisher
Yu-Ming Wu